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A Prayer for Caldwell Chapel

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Caldwell Chapel has served as the spiritual and architectural center of Louisville Seminary for over 50 years. Louisville Seminary has completed a campaign to raise critical funds to preserve Caldwell Chapel for future generations.

Work on the Chapel roof started mid-January 2022.

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Caldwell Chapel at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is named after Frank Hill and Fannie Wells Caldwell. Dr. Caldwell, a 1925 graduate of the Seminary, became professor of Homiletics in 1930 and served as President from 1936 to 1964. Through their common ministry here, Dr. and Mrs. Caldwell served not only Louisville Seminary but the Presbyterian Church and American society. Through the Caldwells’ leadership, the Alta Vista campus was developed, and in their honor, the Board of Trustees named the chapel after them.

"Caldwell Chapel is the architectural and spiritual center of the Seminary’s life. Dr. Caldwell was fond of describing the mission of the Seminary as the task of teaching student “to preach an ancient gospel in a modern world,” and Caldwell Chapel cap-tures that continuing challenge entrusted to Louisville Seminary.

The chapel has survived harsh winters, heavy rains, a global pandemic, and economic hardship. Now it faces the reality of a roof that has outlasted its practical lifespan, which is unsustainable."

-Alton B. Pollard III, President

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345 DONORS | $616,553


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(Gifts of $10,000 or more)

Estate of Anne Caldwell

Dr. John B. H. Caldwell

Dr. Robert M. Close '68 and Mrs. Nina H. Frost

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Andrea Ellinor

Dr. Robert A. and Mrs. Carol K. Frist

Mr. James E. and Mrs. Sara V. Haynes

Mr. Laurance and Mrs. Grace Hoagland

Rev. J. William '10 and Mrs. Joyce Holmes

The Rev. Dr. Walk '89 and Mrs. Nancy Jones

Mr. Todd and Mrs. Becky Lyles

Mr. Tim Malone

Mr. David H. '63 and Mrs. Barbara Parks

Mr. Donald J. Ridings, Jr. 

Mr. Ross C. Royce


(gifts of $1,000 - $9,999)

Rev. Gaither E. Bailey '73

The Rev. Dr. Leslie '94 '04 and Mr. Theodore Belden

Rev. Mary-Gene Boteler '78 and Rev. Dr. Rick Nutt '80

Rev. Dr. Bonnie L. Canizaro '07

Dr. William '73 and Mrs. Jane Carl III

Mr. Charles B. Castner, Jr.

Revs. Douglas '77 and Linda '76 Chase

Mrs. Elizabeth Flanders Clay '87 and Mr. Richard H. C. Clay

Cullinan Family Foundation

Mr. John '64 and Mrs. Marilyn Daniel

Rev. Lant '01 and Dr. Amanda Davis

Ms. Laurie Laidlaw Deacon

The Rev. Dr. Craig and Mrs. Elizabeth Dykstra

First Presbyterian Church, Delaware, OH

Mr. Clyde H. and Mrs. Elisabeth Foshee, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Lou and Dr. Jerold Friesen

Dr. Michael Gilligan and Mr. John Indalecio

Rev. Benny E. Gurley '73

Mr. Lyle Hanna

Ms. Lara Hauser

Rev. J. William '10 and Mrs. Joyce Holmes

Alice and Wade Houston

Mr. George T. and Mrs. Jocelyn A. Hubbard

Rev. Jill M. '76 and Mr. James L. Hudson

Ms. Bari S. Johnson

Ms. Helen Starr Jones

Mr. Kent Jones and Mrs. Mary Arnold

Dr. Pamela G. Kidd and The Rev. Dr. Riley E. Jensen

Rev. Jo Ann Knight '84

Mr. C. Sumpter and Mrs. Linda W. Logan

Rev. Nelson E. Lumm '68

Malone Workforce Solutions (in-kind)

The Rev. Dr. W. Eugene March

The Rev. Dr. Lynn L. Gant March '81/'87

Rev. Dr. Amariah A. McIntosh '01 '14

Ms. Kathryn A. Minx and Mr. Allen F. Lessie

Mr. Joseph J. Nash

Katherine and Bruce Nyberg

Mr. Robert O. and Mrs. Ann C. Orders

Mr. Wade B. and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Perry

Rev. Katherine S. Redmond

Dr. Robert and Mrs. Constance Reed

Ms. Dot Ridings

Rev. James E. ’97 and Karen B. Robinson

The Rev. Karen Schlack ’04

Dr. Christopher C. Schooley '72 '73 '74

Mr. Brent and Mrs. Diane Slay

Dr. Steven and Mrs. Lera Smith

Mrs. Ann G. Spahr

Dr. Anne and Rev. Dr. Rollin Steele

Ms. Lucy Daniel Steilberg

Mr. Louis R. Straub II

Mr. Richard Tieman and Mrs. Susan Gibb

The Rev. Dr. Kyle Walker '97 and Dr. Nelis Potgieter

Knox and Betsy Walkup​

Mr. Lee and Mrs. Jeannie Walthall

The Rev. Suzanne M. Warner

Mrs. Jane Feltus Welch


(gifts under $1,000)

The Rev. Dr. Majid '97 '01 and Mrs. Hinadavid Abel

Rev. Kristie L. Abney '18

Rev. Robert W. Abrams
Mrs. Ann Adams

Rev. Edwin '65 and Mrs. Helen Albright

Rev. Dr. Edwin D. Aponte

Mrs. Laura Aponte

Rev. Harley '61 and Mrs. Doris Aslyn

Mr. Douglas Atterberg

Rev. Roger '09 and Mrs. Lorel Au

Ms. Loretta Baker

Ms. Jennifer Barbour

Rev. Peter Barclay

Ms. Jean C. Bartelt

Dr. Charles W. Bodie

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth '80 and Mrs. Suzette Broman-Fulks

Rev. Karen Barth '10 and Mr. Harry Buckner

Rev. Dr. W. Glen and Anne D. Bell

Ms. Megan E. Berry '21

The Rev. Dr. Emily '99 and Rev. Alex Bisset

Rev. Jay Bowling '09 and Mr. Rick Leslie

Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Cheri Bradley

Pastor Terry Brammer

Mr. Lonnie and Mrs. Marissa Buresh

Ms. Janet McWilliams Calvert

Ms. Carolyn J. Carpenter

Ms. Leslie D. Cashion '19

Ms. Martha Castro

Ms. Nancy J. Clark
Miss Shannon Clarkson

Mr. Keith S. Clements and Mrs. Peggy Hyland

The Rev. Dr. James '71 and Mrs. Janice Clifford
Dr. Daniel B. and Mrs. Patricia A. Coble

Dr. and Mrs. Norman G. Collier

Rev. Sarah A. Colwill '02

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cook, Jr.

Dr. Steve Cook

Rev. Gerald H. Cooper '70

Rev. Edward '72 and Mrs. Ann Craxton

Rev. Alan L. Cummings '85

Dr. Pauline Cushman

Ms. Rebecca J. Dimon '08

Ms. Frances J. Duncan

Rev. Warner R. and Mrs. Cassandra A. Durnell

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Eckard

Mrs. Mary Clay Edinger

Ms. Anita Eerdmans

Ms. Amy Eirich

Mr. David E. Ellis

Rev. Carol '91 and Mr. Maynard Evans

Mrs. Doris K. Farley

Dr. Alfreda Fields

Rev. Dr. Dennis W. Flaugher '93

Dr. Garnett E. Foster

Rev. Thomas '70 and Mrs. Joy Frazier

Ms. Ellenor L. Frelick

Ms. Anna Marie Garrett

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Holly Gathright

Rev. David '64 and Mrs. Elsie Gilmore

Rev. Jennifer A. Gingerich '04

Dr. John D. and Mrs. Sarah P. Glover

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Goetz

Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Pam Grace

Rev. Dr. John '65 '75 and Joan Graham

Rev. Mildred B. Grubbs

Susan and William Grubbs

The Rev. Dr. Robert '71 and Mrs. Kathleen Hadley

Rev. Gary W. Hall '64

Mr. Randolph L. Hallman

Mr. C. Philip Hanna '83

Rev. Walter '74 and Mrs. Lynda Harman

Rev. Donald D. Harnden '70

Mr. Rick and Mrs. Mary Ellen Harned

Rev. Dr. Clemette L. Haskins '09

The Rev. Dr. G. David Hawley '73 '85

The Rev. Dr. Clifford J. Hayes '75 '91

Mr. Jeffery N. and Mrs. Lucy D. Haynes

Rev. Donald E. Heeringa '67

The Rev. Dr. Ann R. Held '78 '86

Rev. Rachel M. Helgeson '12 and Mr. Christopher Roode

Dr. Anne '76 and Mr. James Hickey

Dr. Ashley A. Hicks

Rev. Mary Margaret Hicks '97

Revs. Drs. Lee '95 and Elizabeth '95 Hinson-Hasty

Mr. Everett Hoffman and Ms. Catherine Ford

Mrs. Judy L. Hormell

Rev. Lorie A. Jacobs '15

Ms. Jill L. Jelsma

Drs. Melinda E. Johnson and Benjamin P. Rechner

Mr. Paul Johnson, Jr.

Rev. William '63 and Mrs. Carol Kercheval

Rev. Robert E. Kerr '55

Rev. Keatan A. King '13

Rev. C. Henry Klar III '68

Mr. Wayne Kramer and Mrs. Linda Childs

Mr. Walter '00 '02 and Mrs. Lynn Kunau

Rev. Ann LaPerle '92

Rev. Robert H. '87 and Mrs. Vickie C. Lapp

Rev. Teresa A. Larson '20

Dr. James '66 '76 and Mrs. Katherine Layman

Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Cheryl Ledbetter

Chaplain John D. Lentz '79

Dr. James and Mrs. Marcia Lewis

Mrs. Shirley A. Lindsay

Rev. Gordon and Dr. Virginia Lindsey

Ms. Grace L. Long

Mr. Michael D. Loudon

The Revs. George '90 and Julie '90 Love

Rev. Jill A. Lowry '11

Rev. Bruce A. Macbeth '64

Rev. Kenneth '69 and Mrs. Polly MacHarg

Ms. Deborah L. MacPhail '00

The Rev. Dr. John N. Mager '69

Ms. Patricia A. Maloney

Ms. Louise Robertson Markve

Miss Lucy A. Marsh

Mr. Lucas E. Matthews '17

Rev. Cheryl L. Mayes '80

Dr. William G. McAtee '59 '65

Rev. Mary Beth McCandless '16

Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Paula McClellan

Revs. Barbara '95 and George '66 McDonald

Rev. Laura L. McDonald '17

Ms. Elizabeth G. McKean

Drs. John '70 and Penny McNeel

The Rev. Dr. Donna L. McNiel '99

Ms. Regina L. Meester '21

Rev. and Mrs. Ronald P. Miller

Ms. Chan Dulworth Milton

Ms. Gladys R. Miniard

Mrs. Anne E. Monell

Mr. Allen Montgomery and Mr. JR Cannaday

Rev. Sandra Moon '11

Angela and Chris Morris

Rev. Kathryn J. Morton '89

Rev. Dr. John M. and Dr. Mary M. Mulder

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Murphy

Ms. Helen E. Nash-Alder

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Neece

Rev. Eric '91 and Mrs. Lisa Nielsen

Rev. Dr. Isaac '75 '79 and Mrs. Margaret Njuguna

Rev. A. Glenn Otterbacher '01

Mr. Bruce and Ms. Linda Otto

Rev. Steven '04 and Mrs. Fawn Pace

Dr. Larry I. and Mrs. Susan S. Palmer

Julie and Michael Patterson

Ms. Amy L. Pemberton '09

Ms. Frances C. Perkins

The Rev. Dr. Edwin '00 and Mrs. Susan Peterson

Rev. Mary Ann Petro '07

Drs. Andrew Plocher '19 and Anna Zimmer

The Rev. Dr. Alton B. Pollard III

Rev. Thomas C. Porter '72

Dr. Joseph L. Price

Dr. Deborah C. '94 and Mr. Steven Prince

Rev. Nancy '03 and Mr. Richard Profit

Ms. Carol C. Pye

Rev. J. Christy Ramsey '83​

Dr. Rev. Glenn '62 and Mrs. Nancy Ramsey

Dr. Dianne Reistroffer

Ms. Sharon Rickert

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Robinson

Rev. J. Mark '74 and Dr. Karen M. Robinson

Rev. Vicki J. Rucker '96

Ms. Lee C. Russell

Mr. Michael F. Ryan

Dr. Peter D. Salerno '60 '79

Mr. Terry Sams and Mrs. Anne Fonville-Sams

Rev. Elizabeth M. Sandy '94

Dr. Rev. John '68 and Mrs. Janet Santosuosso

Mrs. Carol S. Saunders

Rev. Thirza C. Sayers

Mr. Brandon and Dr. Courtney Schadt

The Rev. Dr. Gary '74 and Mrs. Elizabeth Scheidt

Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Schildt

Rev. Karol Farris Schilling '14

Pastor FrankLyn H. Schroeder '67

Rev. Rebecca S. Schwandt '08

Rev. Sandra '08 and Mr. Scott Shepherd

Ms. Betty Louis Sheppard

Beverly and Sidney Smith

Mrs. Joan V. Smith

Rev. Karen E. McDonald Smith '98

Rev. Annettra Jones Stephens '19

Ms. Andrea Stevens

Rev. Ann W. Stevenson '87

Dr. Daniel H. Stillwell '10

Rev. Shawn L. Stinson '10

Rev. Keith '80 and Mrs. Barbara Sundberg

The Revs. Terri Swails ‘00 and Matthew Jones ‘01

Rev. Dale '74 and Mrs. Barbara Swihart

Mr. David Thomas

Rev. Rebecca J. Tollefson '81

Mr. W. Waverly and Dr. Brenda Townes

Rev. Owen E. Tucker '65

Dr. Richard '87 and Mrs. Norma Vantrease

​Rev. Elizabeth T. Wade​

The Rev. Dr. Michael Ward ’82 ‘90

Rev. Dr. Jay '77/'85 and Mrs. Barbara Warthen

Rev. Nancy R. Waters '98

Rev. Jonathan '96 and Mrs. Darcie Watson

The Rev. Mary Ellen Waychoff '90

Rev. H. Eldin Wells '69

Dr. Beau and Mrs. Susan P. Weston

Rev. Christine E. White '02

Rev. Ogden '68 and Mrs. Barbara White

 Ms. Carole Whitley 

Lisa Wiedemann

Rev. Susan C. Wiggins '12

Mr. Ted D. Williams

Rev. G. Todd Williams '99

The Rev. Dr. Camille '80 and The Rev. Robert Williams-Neal

Rev. Dr. John and Mrs. Lorinda Willingham

Rev. Kent Winters-Hazelton

The Rev. Dr. Richard '77 and Mrs. Donna Wyatt

Ms. Velva K. Yeomans

The Rev. Dr. Wayne '73 and Dr. Nancy Yost

Ms. Terri H. Zink


As of 1/19/22

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