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Caldwell Chapel at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is named after Frank Hill and Fannie Wells Caldwell. Dr. Caldwell, a 1925 graduate of the Seminary, became professor of Homiletics in 1930 and served as President from 1936 to 1964. Through their common ministry here, Dr. and Mrs. Caldwell served not only Louisville Seminary but the Presbyterian Church and American society. Through the Caldwells’ leadership, the Alta Vista campus was developed, and in their honor, the Board of Trustees named the chapel after them.

Caldwell Chapel is the architectural and spiritual center of the Seminary’s life. Dr. Caldwell was fond of describing the mission of the Seminary as the task of teaching student “to preach an ancient gospel in a modern world,” and Caldwell Chapel cap-tures that continuing challenge entrusted to Louisville Seminary.

The chapel has survived harsh winters, heavy rains, a global pandemic, and eco-nomic hardship. Now it faces the reality of a roof that has outlasted its practical lifespan, which is unsustainable.

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